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Kim Elizabeth, award-winning, acclaimed Author and Poet of the macabre, christened by the Press as the "Princess of Horror" has been a successful writer and poet (as well as screenwriter, artist, model and musician) since age 16, and in just a few years the young author has become a mainstay of dark fantasy literature.... -Associated Press

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"I had no fear of the dark forest. Nor funeral flowers. Mist clung tightly to the trees as if harboring depraved secrets of past rituals. I had been forewarned, but did not believe..." -Kim Elizabeth

The next magnum opus from the masterful enchantress of words.

Rumor has it that Kim Elizabeth's spellbinding novella: ENTER THE DARK WORLD is going to be the first among her masterworks to be adapted for the big screen! Stay tuned...

Stephen King cover artist, Michael Whelan, is the cover artist for Kim Elizabeth's soon to be released DARK WORLD: Dreams and Nightmares...

Children's book author? Look out, kiddies...it's going to be an extra scary Halloween. We can add this to Kim Elizabeth's repertoire as she has signed a deal to do several children's books. More details soon...

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This author extraordinairre is also the striking model for several artists' work that will be appearing in various galleries and art exhibits across the country.
<<< An artist's portrayal of Kim Elizabeth from the "Bewitched" exhibit at the Black Cupid Art Gallery.
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NETHERWORLD: Which will be the next Elizabeth story adapted to graphic novel?
Enter the Dark World
Hell Hath No Fury...
Dream Crypt
Into the Night
A Child's Dream
Evil Passage

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Kim Elizabeth, The Princess of Horror